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How does it work?

A Crow’s Nest Swap Shop is filled with a plethora of amazing natural items such as sand dollars, quartz crystals, conch shells, seed pods, animal skulls, polished rocks, and crab claws, just to name a few.  The staff or volunteers who work at a Crow’s Nest are ready to engage the visitor in conversation about the fascinating items that line the shelves.  The Crow’s Nest encourages visitors to learn about nature and is a great place to get an up close look at some of the awesome artifacts and specimens that surround us in natural environments, but it is so much more than just a touchable museum.  It takes the concept a step further and is an actual trading post—children and adults alike can bring in their own items from nature and exchange them for natural objects in the store that they are interested in (and learn something about them from the store staff in the process)!

The trader is awarded points for the item they bring in based on its uniqueness, its condition, the effort put into finding or preparing the item and most importantly the information the trader has learned about the item. They can then use their points toward the purchase of the items on the shelves of the Crow’s Nest.  The trader’s points are entered into the Crow’s Nest database from which they can withdraw their points at any time to redeem for store merchandise.  The Crow’s Nest Swap Shop is more than just a store –it is a truly interactive, engaging experience that is sure to excite visitors’ minds and inspire fascination with the world around us.

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