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Products and Services

The Nest
The Nest is our easy to use Access database which will enable you to keep track of traders and their points.  The Nest can also generate a variety of useful reports including trades within a time period as well as traders within a time period.

Points Manual
The Crow’s Nest Trading Company Points Manual contains over 700 color photos of natural items broken into 12 categories.  Whether it is a mineral or a mandible you will find it in our manual!  This Excel document is easy to use and easy to modify, permitting point value changes and additions of new items.

The Points Manual’s 700 items are a great start in assigning point values, but to delve further you can turn to our very own mycrowsnest.ning.com.  This interactive website offers an expanded Points Manual.  The online version boasts a collection of 1,475 photos of natural history items, including multiple views of complex objects like skulls, images of both the male and female butterflies, as well as the ability to enlarge the images.   This password-protected site also offers a Forum for members to post questions or comments for the Crow’s Nest Trading Company as well as other traders, encouraging the trading community to interact with each other and learn from one another.  Need more information about a specific item?  Just ask one of our online community members!

Setting-up Stock
What you offer for trade and how you display it can dramatically affect the success of your trading place.  We can set you up with a stock that will make the most of any budget.

Training/Consulting Services
The Crow’s Nest Trading Company offers consulting and training to suit your unique needs.  Whether you’re starting a nature trading program from scratch or you’re looking to revitalize an existing program we will work with you to provide the specially tailored expertise and support you need. 


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